1-This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the ‘User Agreement’) means the User Agreement between and the User who is a member of the Site in order to become a member of the Site and the User Agreement, It is arranged instantly by the User in the electronic environment where the Site is located. As a member of the Site, all “BUYERS” and “DEALERS” who wish to shop must be over the age of 18. The member is responsible for the accuracy of this declaration and “COMPANY” declares that he / she will not bear any legal and criminal liability in case of false statement.

 2. TERMS OF USE and SHOPPING TERMS OF USERS There is only one user in the “Website” by being “BUYER USER” during the membership phase and the candidate will be “BUYER USER” in the “Website” during the membership stage.

Detailed arrangements for “BUYER USERS” are given below.


 BUYER USERS are the users who have an agreement with “COMPANY” as a member of “Internet Site” only on the subject of purchasing the product.

The products displayed on the “Website” of “BUYER USERS” and the products to be purchased are limited to “SIRKET” stocks on the “Website” and the technological and industrial possibilities of “SIRKET”. The orders may differ from the physical-picture situations displayed on the “Website”, the orders are limited to the COMPANY stocks. “BUYERS USERS” it agrees in advance that the writing, visuals and designs and the functioning system of the “Internet Site” belong to the entire and that any rights subject to “SIRKET” will not be used without permission.

In case of the unauthorized use of this right or rights, “COMPANY” immediately initiates legal proceedings and the membership of the user is suspended. accepts and confirms the preliminary information regarding delivery in advance.

“BUYER USERS” can place orders from “Internet Site” by credit card.

“BUYER USERS” do not have the right to waive on the goods they buy.

3-Members of the site are deemed to have accepted in advance that their mental balance is in place and will not share their shopping information with other people. Our site is not responsible for the responsibility arising from this.

 4. PRICING: has the right to differentiate the products on display and the prices of these products without prior notice.


Orders placed on the site are delivered as soon as possible in the payment / invoice information and the method does not occur. When the order is not available, the balance is returned to the customer’s account on the site when the order is canceled.


“BUYER USERS”, after taking the standard product orders, orders from my “orders” section, are entirely their own responsibility and the problems that will arise when they share their codes with others belong to the buyers.

 7. PRODUCT RETURN CONDITIONS: “BUYER USERS” do not have the right to withdraw from the products purchased by “Website” in accordance with Article 8 / IV of the “CUSTOMER USERS” encrypted products. .

8. TERMINATION: The “COMPANY” has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally, without always stating the reason.


Kyrenia / Cyprus Commercial Courts are authorized to resolve many disputes arising from this contract. All users who visit and / or shop at are deemed to have accepted this agreement.